Protect Patient Skin with Stellar M22 Multi-Spot Nd:YAG Through Multiple-Sequential Pulsing Technology

With an ageing population, vascular lesion and leg veins have become a prominent concern among both men and women. Often unsightly and the cause of many patients’ insecurities, Lumenis ensured with the development of Stellar M22 there was an option for the precise treatment of vascular lesions and leg veins, for all skin types.

Offering revolutionary technology and unparalleled safety measures, the Stellar M22 Multi-SpotTM Nd:YAG device provides your clinic with a simple solution to clearer skin. With three SapphireCoolTM Lightguides, vascular treatments can be tailored according to indication, severity and comfort – offering your clinic a competitive edge.

Equipped with a 1064nm NdLYAG laser, the Stellar M22 Multi-SpotTM Nd:YAG modality is the ideal complementary wavelength to IPL when covering vascular lesions, especially deeper vascular components. The unparalleled technological advancements of the Stellar M22 is elevated that much more with the supporting safety standards implemented to offer a safer, more comfortable treatment experience.

Now more than ever patients are aware of the risks involved with aesthetic treatments and are, therefore, looking for the safest and most effective option for their skin concerns, this is no different with the treatment of vascular lesions. Stellar’s Multi-SpotTM Nd:YAG presents out of this world, Multiple Sequential Pulsing (MSPTM) technology to offer the highest patient protection, allowing for cooling between pulses without compromising on performance.

Unlike single pulse technology that utilises higher fluence and can lead to a higher risk of side effects, MSPTM offers a series of sub-pulses with an overall longer pulse duration, which is crucial during treatment and in reducing the chance of epidermal damage. Whilst protecting the skin, MSPTM is able to deeply penetrate the skin for precise and effective treatment of vascular lesions.

The power of Stellar M22 doesn’t end at vascular lesions, FDA cleared and TGA listed to treat more than 30 skin conditions and hair removal, the Stellar M22 harnesses four powerful technologies to deliver optimal results when targeting photo rejuvenation, pigmentation, vascular lesions, rosacea, acne, scars, textural issues and tattoo removal, giving your practice a distinct competitive edge.

To learn more about the unique and extensive capabilities of the Stellar M22, visit our website, here.

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