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Ultimate Precision: NuEra Tight’s Personalised Approach to Fat Reduction

As the world gets busier and our lives become more stressful, more and more people are finding it difficult to keep off the kilos and stay in shape. As a result, an increasing number of clients are turning to clinical treatments to eliminate stubborn fat – without surgery, anaesthetic, or long recovery times.

Body boom time
The global body contouring market reached a value of US$6.5 billion in 2019 and is expected to reach a value of US$9.1 billion by 2024. With a growing compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.8%, this relatively new market is bursting at the seams as consumer demand accelerates, and obesity rates creep skyward.
In response to this growth, a large variety of non-surgical body contouring options have emerged, but NuEra Tight stands out in the market thanks to its unique offering that combines superior radiofrequency (RF) technology with the ability to completely personalise treatments.

Tailored treatments
Designed to address the fact that no two individuals are exactly alike, with NuEra Tight clinicians have the flexibility to specifically tailor procedures to each patient. Clinicians can choose from five different frequencies to dial-in the depth of energy penetration, from 6MHz for a superficial skin treatment, to 470kHz for deeper tissue heating. This provides an unparalleled level of control over body contouring treatments and yields standout results that look more natural and last longer.

Industry-leading technology
NuEra Tight is powered by unique, innovative technologies. FocalRF gives therapists the ability to treat subcutaneous fat tissue on any region of the body, pinpointing deposits of excess fat on larger areas – like the stomach, buttocks, back, love handles and thighs. FocalRF technology also optimises treatment efficacy in small areas of the body and face, such as the upper arms and even the eyes, mouth, cheeks and neck.
Down with downtime

Yet another drawcard of NuEra Tight is the considerably reduce downtime for patients. This trailblazing body contouring device delivers non-invasive, fast treatments that will allow you to provide a service as unique as your patients, every single time.

To find out more about NuEra Tight and how it can help to grow your clinic revenue, contact us today. Find us on Instagram here.


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