The Multi-Purpose Platform that can Erase the Effects of Acne 

No aesthetic clinic’s offering is complete without a treatment to acne. One of the most common skin conditions the world over, every clinician knows the value of offering an effective, non-invasive and long-lasting solution to acne. But this was harder than it sounds, until recently. Stellar M22™ by Lumenis not only targets acne, but can treat 30 other skin conditions, so clients finally have access to a non-invasive option that avoids the need for irritating products or harsh medication.  

Stellar M22™ is a technological advancement in the treatment of acne, combining a number of features that would usually occur in various different treatments into the one device.  


Stellar M22™’s IPL’s s applicator can treat over 20 conditions linked to acne. Using gentle Optimal Pulse Technology (OPT®), this device targets not only the bacteria causing acne, but also the pigmentation and textural side effects. This is where the efficiency of Stellar M22™’s four-in-one treatment approach comes in. During treatments, the platform’s Multiple Sequential Pulsing (MSP™) furthers Stellar M22™’s safety and efficacy by enabling automated cooling between pulses to reduce the risk of skin damage. 

Photofractional™ & ResurFX™ 

Treating acne is jus the beginning of Stellar M22™’s capabilities. With this multi-purpose device, clinicians can seamlessly expand their clinical offerings by promoting complimentary services to follow acne treatments. These include Photofractional™ skin resurfacing, which combines IPL with Lumenis’ ResurFX™ technology to further enhance a patient’s skin texture and tone. With just one pass of the ResurFX™ device, clinicians can target uneven texture and rejuvenate acne-affected skin. 

Tap into one of the largest segments in the aesthetic solutions market by incorporating the Stellar M22™ for acne treatments today. Download our e-brochure or contact our team today to learn more.  


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