NuEra Tight:  Personalised Treatments For Your Patients 

The most successful clinicians are those that recognise that each patient’s aesthetic needs and conditions are unique, and to therefore personalise and tailor every treatment plan accordingly. 

NuEra Tight by Lumenis makes this personalisation not only possible, but seamless.  

NuEra Tight is the only device on the market offering five different radio frequencies (RF) – 6mHz through to 470kHz – to target all tissue depths for the very first time. This incredible capability gives clinicians more treatment possibilities, flexibility and control over treatments from top to toe, including body sculpting, fat and cellulite reduction as well as wrinkle reduction and skin tightening. 

NuEra Tight’s innovative NuLogicfeature also gives clinicians the ability to create a fully customised treatment protocol. Not only can they set different parameters for each phase of the appointment, they can target multiple tissue layers in the one session.  

Thanks to its suite of leading technologies, NuEra Tight facilitates a completely tailored experience for patients across all treatments: 

Fat reduction 

FocalRF technology can penetrate all tissue depths – right down to the subcutaneous fat – on any region of the body. Simply dial-in the depth of energy penetration according to a patients individual condition, selecting 2MHz for superficial treatments and to remove stubborn fat cells, and 470kHz for deep heating of the fatty pocket and connective tissue to reduce fat.  

Cellulite reduction 

Target the superficial tissue for skin tightening as well as the medium-depth tissue to stimulate collagen generation. These two treatment modes, in conjunction with mechanical massage, can effectively reduce cellulite. 

Skin smoothing 

Next generation temperature-controlled technology NuAPIC (Automatic Power Intelligent Control) automatically and gradually increases RF power to the optimal temperature and maintains it during all treatments, creating consistent skin tightening results at every appointment. 

Wrinkle reduction 

Having the ability to precisely select the temperature and the optimal high frequency means clinicians can guarantee they’re boosting activity of fibroblasts for enhanced blood flow, to reduce wrinkles. 

NuEra Tight also features interchangeable electrode sizes ranging from 20mm to the 100mm to target all areas of the body and face, and treatments can easily be combined with others such as liposuction or cryolipolysis.  

As a result of these unrivalled personalisation technologies, with NuEra Tight you’ll be offering a truly one-of-a-kind experience for patients, differentiating your services from the plethora of aesthetic clinics and treatments in the market. 

Enter the new era of tailor-made treatments with NuEra Tight.

Visit our website or contact us today to learn more. 


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