A Guide to Stellar M22’s Innovative Technology 

Are you looking to position your clinic above the industry standard and get ahead of the competition? The possibilities with Lumenis’ Stellar M22 are infinite, thanks to this device’s leading-edge skin treatment system that can treat over 30 skin conditions and even remove hair. 

The Stellar M22 combines four revolutionary technologies in one multi-application platform. Use the Stellar IPL to treat over 20 skin conditions including active acne and remove hair using the Optimal Pulse Technology (OTP).  

Resurface skin in just one pass with the ResurFX, a radical fractional non-ablative skin resurfacing laser. Harness the power of Multi-Spot Nd: YAG to precisely treat vascular lesions and leg veins on various skin types. 

Every patient that walks into your clinic can benefit from one of the four Stellar M22 modules. The advantage of the Stellar M22 doesn’t only lie in its versatility, but also in its use of advanced technologies that deliver exceptional results that are a cut above the competition. 

These unparalleled key features include: 

Optimal Pulse Technology (OTP) 

Homogenous fluence delivery in single, double, or triple pulses with adjustable pulse durations and delays enabling the user to perform a gentler treatment without comprising the result.  

Multiple-Sequential Pulsing (MSP) 

Delivering the fluence in a “pulse train” that can be divided into a single, double or triple pulse gradually heats the target while allowing the epidermis to cool between the sub-pulses, reducing the risk of complications and increasing patient comfort 

ResurFX CoolScan Shapes 

You can choose between 8 different shapes and adjust their size and density via the user interface for a customised and effective treatment with greater precision and control. 

With proven efficacy from over 100 peer reviewed publications and the ability to serve 90% of the most in-demand laser and energy-based treatments, the Stellar M22 technological advantage will raise the standard of your clinical offering to new heights. 

Want to know more about how the Stellar M22 can benefit your clinic with its galaxy of advanced treatments? Schedule a demonstration with one of our product experts or read the brochure online today to learn more. 

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