SPLENDOR X: A One-of-a-kind Innovative Laser Device

Cut through the competition and lead the way in hair removal with SPLENDOR X, a one-of-a-kind, innovative laser device that can target all skin types. The only solid-state laser powered by BLEND X™ technology, clinicians can resolve their clients’ skin and hair removal concerns with unprecedented power, speed, versatility, and coverage rate.

Unique BLEND X technology

SPLENDOR X is the only solid-state laser powered by BLEND X™ Technology, a binary laser emission that synchronises both Alexandrite and Nd: YAG wavelengths, as opposed to just the one. With this unique technology, each pulse can be tailored and customised to fit the patient’s specific skin type, hair colour and thickness like never before.

But SPLENDOR X isn’t just for hair removal. This multi-purpose device delivers effective treatments for multiple skin conditions including wrinkle reduction and vascular and pigmented lesions, across an infinite spectrum of skin tones and types.

By incorporating SPLENDOR X into your treatment offering, you’ll be diversifying into a wide range of treatments with a single device, providing your clinic with a greater return on investment. Because the device is also especially efficient, your patients’ treatment times will reduce, allowing you to see more clients per day.

Revolutionary square spot size

SPLENDOR X’s incredible efficiency is in part due to its revolutionary square-shaped laser. While the industry standard has long been a round-shaped laser, which comes with challenges, SPLENDOR X’s square-shaped spot targets hair removal and skin conditions with uniformity and accuracy, eliminating overlap and hot spots.

The square spot size, of up to 27mm, keeps treatments short as well as decreases the number of sessions required, delivering unmatched results that will increase your patients’ satisfaction. With SPLENDOR X’s extreme power, coverage rate and unprecedented speed, your clinic will never lose a patient.

To learn more about how you can lead the way with SPLENDOR X, contact us today or found out more here.


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