Medical Specialties

Medical Specialties
Proven clinical outcomes

Aesthetic Treatments

Aesthetic Treatments
Uniquely designed for you

Innovative Medical Laser Technologies
for Better Patient Care

Lumenis is the global leader in the field of energy-based
medical solutions for Aesthetic, Surgical and Eye Care

We are dedicated to improving patient care through
innovative, minimally-invasive solutions that generate
superior clinical outcomes. 

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Upcoming Events

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Infinite Possibilities, ultimate versatility

Intelligent Controlled Heating for Skin Tightening And Cellulite

Inroducing NuEra tight

Break the Dry Eye vicious cycle

Moses technology reduces urology procedure time by 20%

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News & PR

Switching to Outpatient Surgery for Everyone’s Benefit

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Baring Private Equity Asia Agrees to Acquire Lumenis

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Lumenis Global Service Organization includes service centers in key locations in Europe, North America, Latin America, India, Australia, China, Japan and Israel.
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