NuEra Tight: Skin Tightening Treatments as Unique as Your Patients

It’s no secret that as we age, skin starts to lose its suppleness and firmness, and for women who have been through pregnancy, cellulite and a lack of skin tightness are particular concerns.

Radiofrequency (RF) therapy has become an extremely popular treatment in recent years for the technology’s ability to target skin tightening concerns without the risks, downtime, or invasiveness of surgery. But NuEra Tight is the very first RF device that can target all skin layers. Clinicians can tailor treatments specifically to their patients’ skin thickness, moisture and problem severity, giving them more control over the experience and results of their patients than ever before.

Skin Deep
Ground-breaking FocalRF technology allows clinicians to target their patients’ tissue at the most optimal depth. With the capability to dial-in the heating depth from superficial to deep, clinicians can target skin tightening with pinpoint accuracy. This precision yields unparalleled results that last longer and look more natural.

Temperature Control
NuEra Tight’s next-generation temperature-controlled technology NuAPIC (Automatic Power Intelligent Control) automatically and gradually increases the RF power to the target temperature during treatments. This level is then maintained for the duration of the treatment, delivering precise heating to the required depth every time, for reliable and consistent results that are unmatched in the market.

The NuAPIC technology also ensures better safety, efficacy and patient comfort, so clinicians can focus on treating their patients while the system takes care of temperature and power.

Plus, NuEra Tight’s trailblazing NuLogic feature gives clinicians the ability to easily create a fully customised treatment protocol, where they can set different parameters for each phase of the appointment, allowing the targeting of multiple tissue layers in the one session.

Offering a solution for every skin tightening problem, NuEra Tight is the new generation of non-invasive body sculpting that is as unique as your patients are.

To learn more about the powerful capabilities of NuEra Tight, contact us today.

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