London Skin Guru Renee Lapino Shares Her Top Tips On How To Introduce NuEra Into Your Clinic

NuEra tight is the all-in-one platform that will unlock infinite possibilities, not only for your clinic but for your patients as well. The innovation and intelligent design of the NuEra harnesses temperature-controlled radio frequency to provide safe solutions to a range of concerns, making itself an integral part of your treatments and clinic offerings.

London Skin Guru, Renee Lapino initially started in the industry after first-hand experience looking to create and maintain healthy skin. Understanding what is essential for optimal results and satisfied patients, Renee is a big believer in the NuEra tight technology. Whilst in Australia with Lumenis at Cosmedicon 2020, Renee presented three unique ways NuEra tight can treat current and popular concerns, making itself an integral device of any clinic catalogue.


One of the biggest skin concerns among women is the appearance of cellulite. When the warmer weather rolls around patients are on the lookout for quick fixes to excess fat, dimples and bumps they may have developed over time or are genetically prone to. The NuEra tight provides a solution with noticeable results after just one session, results which continue to improve as the treatments progress.

With its ability to heat as far as 4cm below the dermis, NuEra tight can reach past visceral fat, break down fat cells and effectively slim the body. The RF energy also stimulates an increase in collagen production, making it possible to remodel the tissue and smooth the skin.

“The NuEra technology offers a 3D approach to cellulite, so you’re stimulating lymphatic drainage, tightening the skin and breaking down the fat cells, therefore wiping out the cellulite by approaching it from every angle.” – Renee Lapino.

Face and Jowl

“NuEra treatments focussed in the face and the jowl makes a difference after just one treatment; it tightens, lifts and gives you more of a contour after just one session, building upon itself each and every time.”

Harnessing RF energy to increase blood flow to the skin and encourage an increase in collagen production, the NuEra tight is able to tighten the elastin within the skin from the top of the head to the tip of the toe. As we age, areas of the face will tend to sag and lose their shape, NuEra is able to offer patients a more youthful appearance after just one treatment. With its smart design a clinician is able to enter the goal and target area and the NuEra device does the rest, offering which handpiece is appropriate and for how long, effectively delivering amazing results no matter who is delivering the treatment to even the trickiest of areas. Without the downtime and reverse effect, NuEra tight is the answer for results that last.

Mummy Makeover

The extensive change that occurs to the body during and post birth can often affect a woman’s confidence and therefore, may impact her quality of life. Returning the body to its pre-pregnancy state, or to a point your patient is comfortable is all part of the journey. Renee Lapino harnesses NuEra tight’s all-in-one capabilities to create a treatment that is able to target the concerns new-mum’s face, using the one device in the one treatment.

Designed to deliver smoother skin, slimmer problem areas and softer scars and stretch marks, Renee claims that you can’t look past this inclusive technology when providing a safe and effective alternative for the delicate concerns often associated with a mummy makeover, “The NuEra tight is amazing for a mummy makeover because it treats every single part we’re concerned about, breast tissue, tummy, thighs, cellulite, it makes a difference to all of them.”

Contact us today and discover how NuEra tight can revolutionise your clinic offering.

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