Hair Removal: The Importance Of Customising Treatments To Suit Hair And Skin Type: LightSheer™ DESIRE

When it comes to laser hair removal, customising your treatments according to your patients’ specific hair and skin type is essential to reaching a wider demographic of customers, as well as improving client satisfaction and loyalty.

As a treatment provider, you know that the effectiveness of laser hair treatment is dependent on the colour and thickness of the hairs being treated, the colour of your patient’s skin, as well as the type and quality of the laser used.

With regards to dark hair, darker skin tones will take at least 6 treatments to achieve initial results, whereas fair skin will take at least 3 treatments.

In terms of fair hair, fairer skin tones will take at least 6 treatments to get initial results; medium skin tones will need at least 4 treatments and dark skin tones are unlikely to respond.

The effectiveness of the treatment is further determined by the laser’s wavelength, fluence, pulse duration and spot size, all of which influence the depth of penetration and treatment speed.

By incorporating Lumenis’ LightSheer™ DESIRE into your offering, you will be able to cater for all of these skin and hair types, ultimately accessing a larger demographic.

Utilising advanced, clinically proven, 805 nm diode laser technology for lighter skin types and 1060 nm diode laser technology for darker skin types, LightSheer™ DESIRE quickly, comfortably and effectively reduces and removes unwanted hair from your patients according to their specific desires.

For patients seeking large areas of hair removal, the advanced system’s High-Speed vacuum-assisted technology can be harnessed. Alternatively, for patients seeking hair removal in smaller areas, LightSheer’s ChillTip™ integrated cooling mechanism enables precise treatment.

Depending on the body part in need of treating, there are three versatile handpieces (HS, XC and ET) configured with different spot sizes, enabling further customisation for each of your patient’s specific needs.

No matter the hair or skin type, fulfill all of your patient’s desires with LightSheer™ DESIRE.

To learn more about this advanced system, contact us today.


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