Getting to Know the NuEra® Tight Technology

NuEra® Tight is a game-changing, non-invasive, all-in-one device that delivers consistent, repeatable and personalised results for fat reduction, skin tightening, cellulite and wrinkle reduction.

NuEra® Tight has been designed to treat oedematous-fibrous-slcerous dermopanniculosis, skin atrophy and elastosis, microcirculation and venous insufficiency, hyperplasia and adipocyte hypertrophy.

How NuEra® Tight works

NuEra® Tight introduces an unparalleled level of personalisation in every treatment due its ability to use five different Radiofrequencies (RF) that allows operators to dial-in the depth of energy penetration, accounting for the personal condition, clinical indications and specific body area. 

Conducting the treatment has never been easier for clinicians thanks to NuEra® Tight’s Automatic Treatment Protocol (ATP). Simply select the treatment area and NuEra® Tight automatically displays the right accessory to use and sets the correct treatment protocol in regard to heat, length and power.

Once the treatment protocols are set, depending on the condition being treated, NuEra® Tight uses FocalRF technology to emit multiple RF frequencies into the body’s tissues, from the superficial skin layer down to the deep tissue layers.

During the treatment, the automated, next generation temperature control technology NuAPIC gradually increases the RF power to the optimal temperature based on the clinical endpoint. For example, therapists simply set the temperature to 45 degrees Celsius for fat reduction, or 42 degrees Celsius to generate new collagen. The selected level is then maintained to ensure precise heating is delivered at the required depth to ensure consistent results every time.

For repeat treatments, the NuLogic system captures patients’ unique treatment requirements for repeatable and consistent results in the future. The NuLogic system also gives you the ability to set different parameters for different phases of the treatment session, so clinicians can target different skin issues in the same session by adjusting the depth of energy penetration. This, in turn, yields better and faster results for patients.

NuEra® Tight is an incredible, multi-purpose device that will bring your clinic into a new era of aesthetic personalisation.

To become more acquainted with our revolutionary body sculpting technology, contact the team today. Find us on Instagram.


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