Enhance Your Patients Best Characteristics With Legend Pro 4-In-1 Platform Using Thermal Skin Regeneration Technology

Every patient has their own sources of insecurities and concerns, this is what makes them complete, unique and singular. It’s important, as an aesthetic practitioner, you’re able to meet these concerns with an effective and safe solution. With Legend Pro, Lumenis goes beyond creating state-of-the-art technology and offers solutions to celebrate a patient’s individuality by enhancing their best characteristics.

Resurface the upper layers of the skin, promote the regeneration of collagen and elastin fibres in the deeper dermis and firm and tone the SMAS layer and the muscles in the treatment area with Legend Pro’s complete toolkit of non-invasive and minimally invasive technologies.

Legend Pro works in synergy to treat your patient’s skin from within, with 4 different modalities; TriPollar RF, Dynamic Muscle Activation (DMA™), Hybrid Energy& TriFactional.

Specialised Patients

Ideal for patients with problem skin who often avoid treatments out of fear of irritation and additional damage, the Hybrid Energy triggers the body’s natural healing process, encouraging the generation of new, healthier skin.

Dr. Michael H. Gold, reveals why he thinks the Legend Pro is a solution for specialised patient procedures, “[The] Hybrid Energy Technology treatments result in a relatively major dermal remodelling effect while minimizing visible epidermal effect. This treatment modality is very suitable for delicate and sensitive skin types which are prone to pigment changes”.

Revolutionary Tightening and Toning

For optimal contouring results, Legend Pro takes procedures a step further with its advanced combination of RF and Dynamic Muscle Activation (DMA™). Ensuring optimal results from every angle, increasing patient satisfaction when the treatment area is not only tightened but toned, lifted and firmed.

Dr. Wanitphakdeedecha [Treatment of abdominal cellulite and circumference reduction with radiofrequency and dynamic muscle activation. Journal of Cosmetic and Laser Therapy, April 2015] claims, “With [the] combination of RF and dynamic muscle activation, the efficacy of the treatment of cellulite appearance, skin tightening, and body shaping is supposed to [be] increased when comparing to the treatment with RF alone.”

Tailor-Made Treatment, Personalised Results

Make your patients’ wishes come true while ensuring their safety and long-term satisfaction. Legend Pro harnesses the power of synergised technology to offer patients a treatment curated to their skin type, concerns, desires and characteristics. Legend Pro offers unique designs and advance functionality for ensured safety and long-lasting results. This device provides the option of several disposable tip configurations, differing in length and density, to ensure flexibility for creating the desired clinical effect.

With noticeable results after minimal treatments leading expert, Dr. Matteo Tretti Clementoni, provides the reason behind his integration of Legend Pro into his clinic, “The TriPollar® RF and the Hybrid Energy allow me to customise the treatments for my patients and to get optimal results. My patients are happy going through almost painless treatment, and the treatment time is shortened without the need for numbing. These unique technologies allow me to treat multiple indications and get exceptional results.”

If you wish to learn more about the immediate results, long-term efficacy, patient comfort  and minimal downtime with no need for anaesthesia that Legend Pro™ has to offer, visit the technology page or contact the Lumenis Australia team, here.

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