Effectively Resurface Skin with Stellar M22 ResurFX – The Only True Fractional Non-Ablative Technology

Skin insecurities are becoming an ever-growing concern amongst individuals of all ages, with many unhappy with the appearance of their ageing complexion. Provide your patients with the solution to younger, healthier, glowing skin with Lumenis’ Stellar M22.

One of the most advanced and intelligent skincare innovations of our time, the Stellar M22 harnesses the power of four winning technologies in one versatile, modular multi-application platform. This enables your clinic to treat over 30 skin conditions, helping your patients achieve the results they’ve always wanted.

When addressing fines lines, uneven skin texture and the overall appearance of a patient’s skin, Stellar’s ResurFX handpiece is the answer. The only true fractional, non-ablative skin resurfacing laser, this revolutionary device is able to achieve noticeable anti-aging results in just one pass, offering up to 20% coverage, saving you time and protecting your patient’s skin.

With the power of high precision micro-beams, ResurFX creates narrow columns of tissue coagulation in the deepest layers of the epidermis and dermis, whilst leaving the surrounding tissue unaffected. This stimulates the body’s natural healing response, promoting collagenases and new, healthier tissue to form over a sequence of treatments, addressing the early and often unavoidable signs of aging.

A solution for any patient with indications varying in severity, ResurFX produces predictable and reproducible results, thanks to its outstanding scanning capabilities. In just one handpiece, ResurFX allows you to harness over 600 combinations of area shape, size and density to offer optimal treatment, whether it be a single lesion or the entire face.

With ResurFX you don’t need to choose between performance and comfort. Utilizing state-of-the-art CoolScanTM technology, ResurFX provides customisable treatments with the added assurance of constant contact cooling for increased patient comfort and increased satisfaction.

Offer your patients the ultimate answer to fast, effective and immediate results for youthful skin with Lumenis’ ResurFX. Find out more on our website.

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