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Every patient has different skincare concerns, whether due to a painful memory of spending too long in the sun, a stretch mark that’s an unsightly souvenir of a happy event, a tattoo that’s now unwanted or a scar that still unsettles.

No practitioner has had the technologies to effectively eradicate all of these undesirable pigments. Until now that is, thanks to the highly versatile nature of PiQo4 from Lumenis.

PiQo4 is excellent news for the 72% of consumers looking to correct skin texture and/or discoloration and the one-third of people who now regret getting a tattoo. It’s also excellent news for your aesthetic business.

This FDA-approved laser, named after its four wavelengths of light, is a non-thermal option offering dual Nano and Pico technology. This unique combination now gives practitioners the versatility and ability to optimise treatment parameters to independently control spot size, pulse and energy across a wide range of concerns with maximum results.

Pigment Issues

PiQo4 is the most advanced laser of its kind in treating multiple types of pigment issues such as pigmented lesions, age spots, sunspots, birthmarks and vascular lesions, as well as removing tattoos.

PiQo4’s super-high energy also means super-fast results – even on a super-sized area such as a large scar or unsightly tattoo. PiQo4 offers up to 15 spot sizes, starting from 2 mm with the largest size at 15.5 mm – almost four times bigger than anything else on the market. This can remove pigment in 40 percent less treatment time.


Melasma affects more than 5 million Americans, mostly women, and is more common in darker skin types, particularly skin types III and IV. For example, melasma is estimated to affect around 40 percent of Southeast Asian women.

New York dermatologist David J. Goldberg, MD, who has already experienced a great deal of success with PiQo4, declares, “The combination of Nano and Pico wavelengths allows PiQo4 to uniquely treat melasma, which is something no other single laser can do.”


PiQo4 targets nine of the most common ink colours and its adaptable energy matrix is highly effective in shattering pigment deposits.

As E. Victor Ross, MD, dermatologist at Scripps Clinic Carmel Valley remarks, “Its high power and large spot size is making a significant difference in faster tattoo clearances, and in treating resistant inks – even the deepest pigmented, older tattoos.”

All skin types

While many other lasers exclude certain skin tones because the side effects can make the pigment problems worse, PiQo4’s non-thermal energy is suitable for all skin types and tones.

Dermatologist Jenna Queller, MD, FAAD, comments, “Too much heat can result in more downtime and occasionally worsens hyperpigmentation, especially on darker skin types.” She adds, “The new PiQo4 Laser has the ability to target pigment at different levels of the skin. It uses energy aimed at the brown spot of concern – shattering it, rather than transforming it into heat.”

More treatments for more patients = more business

PiQo4 offers an effective solution with remarkable results for a growing demand in the market by women and men to remove skin discoloration. There’s no risk of pain, heat damage or downtime, in fact, there’s an upside as the treatment also helps boost the skin’s natural collagen production.

PiQo4 lets skin begin again and clears the way for tomorrow – not just for your patients but for your practice too.

Get in touch to discover more about the power of PiQo4 for your patients and business. We provide detailed marketing support through toolkits to promote PiQo4 in your clinic and showcase the benefits to your patients.

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