A Hair Above The Rest: Why Splendor X Is In A League Of Its Own

One of the most common concerns in the aesthetics industry is that of unwanted hair. Male and female patients alike look to rid unseemly hair temporarily or in most cases permanently. As a result, laser hair removal remains the most performed non-invasive treatment, globally, and is highly successful in delivering a high volume of foot traffic through the doors of clinics. The question is, how do you stand out in a market saturated with standard Laser Hair Removal devices? Lumenis’ latest innovation, Splendor X, Lumenis’ latest innovation, is the answer.

Splendor X offers laser hair removal treatments like no other.

Revolutionary Advancements

When it comes to laser hair removal, patients of darker skin tones or lighter hair colour were previously settling for unsatisfying and often temporary results. However, with Splendor X you are able to unlock unlimited opportunities for your clinic as it opens the doors to a vast range of clientele, no matter their profile.

As the only solid state laser system powered by Blend X technology (Binary Laser Emission of Nd: YAG and Alexandrite), Splendor X synchronises the Alexandrite 755nm and Nd:YAG 1064nm wavelengths, in order to tailor treatments according to the individual’s skin type, hair colour and thickness, allowing for safe and effective treatments for everyone.

Unmatched Safety Features

Splendor X was designed with client and operator safety at the forefront and, therefore, offers revolutionary safety features to ensure industry leading care and comfort.

Clinical studies2 have recently found that the plume of burning hair during Laser Hair Removal treatments can carry dangerous compounds such as Carcinogens and toxins and, therefore, short and long-term exposure should be considered.

To combat this, Splendor X is the only laser hair removal device with an in-built plume evacuator and HEPA filter. This removes over 97%2 of carcinogenic fumes released into the air, resulting in a safer, smoke-free treatment environment.

Unprecedented Power

With power, speed and versatility Splendor X not only treats a wide range of hair removal procedures, but also common skin conditions such as wrinkle reduction, vascular and pigmented lesions, making it the only device your clinic needs.

Splendor X also harnesses a revolutionary large square spot size (up to 27mmx27mm) and an output power of 250W, to provide faster and more uniform coverage of the treatment area, with the ability to penetrate deeper.

With Splendor X you no longer have to worry about overlap, burns or retouching missed areas.

If you wish to discover more about the unique nature of the revolutionary Splendor X technology and how it can expand your clinic offering, visit the Splendor X page or contact the Lumenis Australia team, here.

2 Gaseous and Particulate Content of Laser Hair Removal Plume: Gary S. Chuang, MD1,2; William Farinelli, BA1; David C. Christiani, MD3,4; et al


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