PiQo4: Shatter Pigment Deposits With The Largest Spot Size on The Market

According to recent data from the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC), one in seven Australians now have a tattoo. In 1998, this figure was just one in ten. More people are undoubtedly getting tattoos, but the flipside of this increasing demand for body ink is a similar rise in those seeking out tattoo removal procedures.

According to Costhetics, members of The Cosmetic Physicians Society of Australasia (CPSA) saw a 15 to 20 per cent increase in requests for tattoo removal between 2016 and 2019 – and this figure is on the rise.

There have subsequently been significant advances in tattoo removal technology in recent years, and an increase in the number of clinics offering tattoo removal to their treatment menus.

But what type of treatment is best for those that rethink their ink? Clinical studies have shown that the benefits of shattering pigment particles by combining Nano and Picosecond laser pulses.

PiQo4 utilises Nanosecond pulses to deliver short bursts of energy that break down the larger and deeper pigments of ink particles without damaging healthy, normal tissue. The area is then rescanned with Picosecond pulses that dismantle smaller and shallow particles. This use of a picosecond laser allows for rapid clearing of the residual particles and pigmentation with minimal collateral damage to surrounding tissue.

PiQo4 laser is one of the most powerful picosecond lasers in the market to target pigment (melanin) produced by the skin. It has the ability to treat melanin in all skin types and shades, with each pigment colour absorbed via a specific wavelength.

PiQo4 offers four wavelengths in order to treat the broadest range of pigment/tattoo colours, on the widest range of skin types. Its four wavelengths – 1064nm, 532nm, 650nm and 585nm – target the most frequently used tattoo colours ranging from light orange to dark black.

In comparison to other competing nanosecond and picosecond lasers, PiQo4 offers the largest spot size on the market (up to 15.5mm) which is four times larger than other laser devices available in the market allowing for much faster treatment and shorter treatment sessions.

The technology also has high pulse energy – up to twice that of competing systems. Up to 40% fewer treatments are required for complete tattoo removal in comparison to other laser machines. This increased energy level also allows for deeper penetration into the dermis for improved dispersal of imbedded ink particles, delivering more effective results.

A versatile platform that is broader than just tattoo removal. PiQois suitable for all pigment/tattoo colours on the widest range of skin types so can also treat conditions including Melasma, Café au lait birthmarks, Solar lentigines, Becker’s nevi, freckles, nevus spilus and nevus of Ota.

With little or no downtime, in addition to offering the removal of Tattoo ink, PiQo4 treatments also improve skin texture, laxity and tone, so patients are ready to go again ensuing improved skin quality or address additional pigmentation concerns.

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