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“I feel that I can safely treat my patients more aggressively with the UltraPulse,
something I would not attempt with other CO2 laser systems”

Dr. Girish Munavalli, Dermatologist

“With UltraPulse’s SCAAR FX, I am able to treat deep skin conditions, like hypertrophic scars,
with the results of enhanced skin condition and improved quality of life for patients.
SCAAR FX has the unique combination of short pulse durations and high energy which
enables deep, precise and effective treatment.”

Dr. Matteo Tretti Clementoni, Plastic Surgeon

More Physician Testimonials

“UltraPulse gives me the extreme precision I desire from a fractional CO2 laser. It gives me the possibility to tailor parameters to individual patient’s needs and the confidence to treat in a safe and efficient way.”

Dr. Christine Dierickx, Dermatologist

“I have been treating patients, primarily children, with scarring following burns and other types of trauma, for over 35 years. The use of the UltraPulse TotalFX active component has further enhanced our ability to rehabilitate scars both functionally and in their appearance.”

Dr. Matthias Donelan, Plastic Surgeon

“I’ve had one version of the UltraPulse or another since 1994. It became my go to CO2 laser.

It’s very versatile, I can use it with different handpieces to accomplish many different things.

The UltraPulse laser is very safe. The safety typically is accentuated by the short pulse that allows for a very small zone of coagulation, which allows the wound to heal very quickly.

The ability of this laser to cover a lot of ground quickly, safely and predictably, makes the procedure more enjoyable for the physician and the patient.”

Dr. E. Victor Ross, Dermatologist

“The CO2 laser in my experience and belief is the first laser that should be incorporated into an aesthetic Dermatology practice. In my clinic it is the first Laser I turn on in the morning and the last laser I turn off. It is without a doubt the biggest profit generator among the many energy devices I own! Since my first CO2 laser I purchased in 1979, I have treated over 85,000 patients with some type of energy device.

I have now performed over 10,000 UltraPulse CO2 laser Blepharoplasties since the launch of the UltraPulse 5000C laser in 1996. The UltraPulse in my hands is the Best in Class! I would highly recommend the Lumenis UltraPlulse or AcuPulse to any physician looking to add a laser to their practice.”

Dr. B. Kent Remington, Dermatologist

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