Pulmonary and Thoracic

Laser-assisted Pulmonary and Thoracic Applications

Bronchoscopic laser therapy is an immediate-acting therapy used to relieve various malignant and benign pathologies of the tracheobronchial tree, such as central airway obstruction, stenosis, trachea-bronchomalacia, esophageal carcinoma, granuloma, and more. Using two distinctive laser wavelengths optimizes energy delivery, and can maximize the efficiency and safety of the procedure.

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Dual combination providing unique therapy

A powerful combination of two laser sources: Neodymium yttrium-aluminium-garnet (Nd:YAG) and Holmium (Ho:YAG) enables the physician to utilize the advantages of each laser during the procedure. Based on the desired tissue effect and anatomical location, physicians can choose between deep tissue penetration, delicate and shallow ablation and manipulate through challenging anatomical locations.

The Lumenis Solution

The Lumenis Pulse system is a unique pulmonary and thoracic surgical solution offering therapeutic and palliative treatment of benign and malignant lesions and obstructions in the airways


Commonly used laser for interventional bronchoscopy techniques due to a number of advantages2:

  • Excellent hemostasis3
  • Minimal complication rate4,5
  • Balance between the ability to photocoagulate or vaporize tumors and cut stenotic lesions


  • Shallow depth of penetration (approximately 0.4mm) minimizes collateral damage to the surrounding tissues
  • Highly absorbed by water, thus producing good hemostasis and bleeding control

Efficacy of Treatment Modality

Bronchoscopic laser therapy is an effective method for tracheal and bronchial obstructions demonstrating clinical improvments6

Precision of Energy Delivery

Superficial tissue ablation with the Ho:YAG laser provides precise incision and minimal collateral damage

Efficient Hemostasis

Control hemostasis and minimize bleeding with the Nd:YAG laser and the customized dual pedal7

Post Op Symptomatic Improvement

High improvement rate and impressively low reported incidence of complications1

Better Access

Premium fiber technology allows fitting into very small spaces with gentle curve

Better Trackability

Flexible fiber using advanced ball-shaped tip enables smooth insertion through a flexible bronchoscope and designed to minimize scope damage

Dual-pedal footswitch operation

Switching between the wavelengths is as easy as moving your foot on the foot pedal using the same delivery system, producing powerful ablation and delicate precision

Lumenis Fibers

  • Slimline™ family of single-use and reusable fiber range of 200, 365, 550 and 1,000μm are designed for durability and flexibility
  • Slimline™ 200 D/F/L ultra-flexible fiber provides greater convenience and designed to minimize scope deflection loss8, allowing to reach difficult-to-access locations

In addition, the SlimLine SIS Endo fiber and the Xpeeda D/S/L side-firing fiber will assist in delivering the desired energy and provide extreme cutting precision, fast tissue ablation, and great coagulation and hemostasis

Lumenis Medical Devices


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