MOSES™ Pulse 120H

All in One Laser Urology Platform

MOSESTM is a groundbreaking, patent-protected pulse delivery technology, that remarkably improves energy transmission, resulting in more efficient lithotripsy and BPH treatments compared to the regular Holmium pulse1.

Lumenis MOSES™ Pulse 120H Urology laser device

MOSES™ Technology

A patent-protected innovation revolutionizing urology care

20% Reduction in procedure time20% Reduction in procedure time

20% Reduction in procedure time

As shown in a randomized clinical trial, the MOSES Technology reduces procedure time by 20%, making your treatments  more efficient 1,2.

60% reduction in retropulsion60% reduction in retropulsion

60% reduction in retropulsion

Minimizing the incidents of ureteral stone migration into the kidney.
And also avoid chasing the stones1,2,3.

25% reduction in fragmentation time25% reduction in fragmentation time

25% reduction in fragmentation time

MOSES optimized energy transmission makes every shot count, reducing your fragmentation time by 25%1,2.


Innovative GUI

Proprietary fibers designed for durability, flexibility and versatility

Multiple energy & frequency settings

Intuitive dual pedal operation

Energy transmission vs. working distance

Bench test – A representative case11

Diagram of Energy transmission. MOSES vs. Regular.

MOSESTM pulse delivery technology provides optimized laser impact in every working distance, compared to the regular technology1.

Holmium laser lithotripsy

  • Stone Dusting

    Lumenis Pulse 120H ultra-speed dusting of up to 80Hz allows you to pulverize the stone, reducing the need for retrieval devices or ureteral access sheaths4.

  • Stone Fragmentation

    Achieve robust fragmentation when you need it the most5
    Apply high energy levels of up to 6J to quickly and efficiently fragment stones.

MOSES™ Laser Enucleation of the Prostate

  • Remove prostates of any size

    Join the growing wave of urologists adopting HoLEP – the new gold standard for BPH 8.

  • Improved enucleation efficiency

    Leverage the power of the MOSES P120H for a more efficient tissue removal and 20% increase in enucleation rate (gr/min). Enjoy the advantages of improved intraoperative vision and cleaner dissection of the capsular plane9.

  • Better hemostasis

    The unique pulse reshaping results in improved hemostasis, providing you with higher visibility during the procedure and bleeding control10,11.

MOSES™ Pulse 120H Accessories:

Smooth process more confidence

Advanced ball-shaped tip enables a smooth initial insertion of the Moses 200  /F/L fiber through a flexible scope, and designed to minimize potential scope damage.


Focus on what matters during PCNL.
Suction hand-piece allows simultaneous lithotripsy and aspiration of stone fragments6,7


Acceleration in hand. The MOSES technology shows superior vaporization rate and efficiency compared to regular pulse, indicating potential reduction in procedure time11.

``Simply dust it away``

“We demonstrated an improvement in complete stone-free rates when using a dusting technique for renal stones with ultra-high frequencies5.”

Dr. Khurshid Ghani

``Clear, measurable clinical value``

“With this new technology we have been successful in transitioning the majority of our HoLEP procedures to same day discharge home.” 

Dr. Amy E. Krambeck, Indiana University

MOSES™ Technology info kit

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MOSES Pulse™ 120H – Specifications

120 WATT

Maximum Energy: 6J

Maximum repetition rate: 80Hz

Moses™ Technology


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