OptiLight: an extraordinary opportunity for all eye care professionals 

Having recently received FDA approval, underscoring the effectiveness of the treatment, OptiLight with OPT represents a step forward and offers opportunities for both optometrists and ophthalmologists.  

We recently spoke with Dr. Arthur Epstein, OD, co-founder of Phoenix Eye Care and the Dry Eye Center of Arizona, about how OptiLight offers a fantastic opportunity for optometrists to begin addressing or expand upon in-office dry eye treatments.  

With a major dry eye centre in the high desert of Arizona, staying on top of new advances in dry eye therapy is key for Dr. Epstein. When Lumenis’ OptiLight became the first and only FDA-approved light treatment for the management of dry eye disease, Dr. Epstein was incredibly excited by the opportunity to incorporate OptiLight into his dry eye practice. Delivering a safe and effective treatment for dry eyes that is also comfortable for patients was a priority for Dr. Epstein, who is quick to recommend the technology to other eye care practices. 

Speaking of his experience with Lumenis’ OptiLight, Dr. Epstein says: “I have found OptiLight to be extremely intuitive. The graphics are beautiful from the clinician’s point of view—all the information you want is right in front of you in an easy-to-understand display. It’s also remarkably easy to implement in the practice because the procedure is relatively quick, and it’s simple for staff to assist with patient setup for treatment. Lumenis is also there to support every step in the implementation process.” 

Dr. Epstein now uses OptiLight to treat 20 to 30 patients per week and has found that the process simplifies the complexity of traditional dry eye management in a way that makes it accessible, safe, reproducible, and most importantly, effective. “Default settings are based on Lumenis’ clinically proven treatment protocols for dry eye,” explains Dr. Epstein. “Error checking is built in. It’s almost like having an artificial intelligence algorithm looking over your shoulder to double-check every move and make sure you’re using safe and effective settings for your patients. This makes it easier to focus on the primary endpoint, which is improving dry eye signs.” 

OptiLight offers a tremendous opportunity for medical management in optometry. Well-accepted by patients and offering a swift return on investment, Dr. Epstein views an OptiLight device as a coveted and defining addition to any practice. “With the introduction of OptiLight, I see more optometrists expanding to in-office dry eye therapy. I think many of my peers will seize the opportunity to enhance patient care and elevate their practices with the power of OptiLight’s light-based, non-surgical and non-invasive technology,” attests Dr. Epstein. 

To learn more about how Lumenis’ OptiLight can transform your eye care practice, visit https://lumenis.com.au/medical/eye-care-products/optilight/  

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